Customer feedback

Hi Graham

Have received the tips that you wire cut.

Just a note to thank you all for your excellent response on deliveries.

Customers are always quick to complain, but not so quick at giving praise.

Thanks again.

Chris Fish
NC Engineering


Dear graham and Barry,

We would like to thank your company and especially Ian for such a beautiful and professional job you did on our order number 6766 for some waveguide flanges.

We will be definitely using your company again for any relevant work we can send to you.

Your Sincerely

Sandra Kershaw
Company Secretray
MEI Technologies Ltd


An inspector we deal with at one organisation in the North West once told us that he looked forward to receiving our parcels. He knows the job is going to be right and what we do is spot-on, which is a great compliment.”

“The engineer was so pleased with the work he brought colleagues along to see the task completed.


“I have known Graham, Darren and the team for over 20 years. I have never had the need or desire to use anyone else!’”


“I treat CWE as an extension of our tool room. I feel I still have full control over the manufacture/machining of our parts. I have full confidence in all they do for me and everything is always on time.”


“We have our own Wire Erosion machines but I use Cheshire Wire Erosion frequently because with their capacity they can turn around parts far quicker than ourselves.”